SignWay proudly provides signage for your local business, sporting events, trade shows, community functions and more. 

Personalized, Made-to-Order, Signs and Banners 

At SignWay, the only limit is your vision.

How to Order a Sign

Your signage needs are as unique as you are. And while there are common sizes and types of signs, there’s no hard-and-fast ‘rule’ or ‘standard’ that we have on hand to go by.

Here’s how to determine what you need for your event, your business, etc.:

  1. Where’s it going? Indoors? Outdoors? Are you stringing it between a couple of trees, or porch columns? Or does it mount onto the wall? Above the door, or the roof? Location plays a big role in your choice.
  2. How big (or small) is it? Once you determine where it’s going, find the width and height with a tape measure. If you are exhibiting at a conference or craftshow, note the depth of your space as well.
  3. Do you need temporary or permanent signage? Banners and Coroplast signs are fantastic for short-term needs, such as grand openings, events, garage sales, real estate, etc. Aluminum and MaxMetal signs are best suited for long-term installations. (Sign ordinances vary from area to area; please check with your local government to learn how long banners and coroplast signage can be displayed)
  4. Just call us! It really doesn’t get easier than calling 281-990-5478 or sending us an email to with any questions. We know how to help you.