Getting your business, non-profit, school, church or the like out there for the world to see is not as easy as sticking a sign in your yard with a hand-written business note, in black marker on it.  You are going to want a sign that is going to last through any weather condition (rain, sun, wind, etc) that your state/area provides. You will want to have a sign that will be bright, long-lasting, clearly written and visible with the material durability so that your sign will impress your community, your neighbors (without being tacky looking) and your customers.  The key to that is Coroplast.

What is Coroplast?

Whether you know it or not, you’ve seen coroplast signs before.  Coroplast a plastic ish sign that relies on three layers to form a sandwich.  The external pieces of bread on this sandwich feature your text and graphics.  The inner layer between them — the meat, if you will — is a strengthening layer of plastic that keeps the sign aligned, durable and dependable when you put it out in your yard for the world to see.

Benefits of Coroplast

There are quite a few benefits of having a sign for your company- or organization-based needs, that is made from coroplast.  From a cost-efficiency basis to the overall durability, they’ve got a lot going for them.  Here are some more examples of the top benefits to enjoy when you choose coroplast yard signs.

Coroplast is lightweight and great to work with

Coroplast is extremely lightweight.  This means that you can lift more signs, should you need to, and put them into the ground for use safely, knowing that they won’t fall due to improper anchoring, etc.  Nothing like breaking your back trying to set your yard sign.  They’re also just easier to work with, since they are designed to be moved efficiently and easily adjusted when already on display.

Coroplast signs can be used in all sorts of places

Coroplast yard signs can be used in all sorts of places, industries, types of businesses, non-profit/for-profit, all for top-level signage perks and visibility.  From church use like directional signs or fun wall art decor signs, real estate listing yard signs to neighborhood entrance signs and even medical center directional signs or parking signs, there’s no shortage of convenience with the application and use of these signs.  One of the best benefits is that you get the same quality of sign no matter what shape, size, color, or design that you go for. So have fun with it. Check out some of the fun we’ve had with different types of coroplast signs like these movie themed 6 foot + signs.

Modern and bright, crisp colors for effective marketing

Since coroplast relies on laser-sharp text and graphic application to the signs, you’ll be able to enjoy your choice of colors and contrast between text and graphics as needed.  Where inferior printing and material options would bleed one in to the other, coroplast signage keeps both distinct and sharp for a better, cleaner view.

Durable in weather-harsh climates

Down here in Texas, we have seen a run of the gamut with hurricanes, flooding and thunder storms to extreme sun and heat and our coroplast signs have held up. But rest assured that coroplast can most certainly hold up to even the most extreme weather conditions out there as well, however, be sure to post them high enough so they will be seen “over” the snow!  🙂  You’ll be able to use coroplast heavy duty signage in extreme climates while also knowing that they’ll continue to hold up in their color and actual longevity when the storm blows over, no pun intended.

Coroplast signs are going to be the most practical, long-lasting and impressive signs out there for all of your advertising and listing needs.  It’s lighter, more durable, and easier to work with than other inferior signage options.  Consider putting it to work for you today, and you’ll see just how good your signage-oriented life can be.  You’ll wonder how you ever did without it in the past. Did we mention that we offer bulk orders and of course they are super affordable, no matter the quantity. Consider the durability in your budget. Nothing like buying cheap signs only to have to purchase them again in a few months because they didn’t last.

Contact SignWay for your custom coroplast yard sign needs. Don’t forget that we also do business banners, vehicle magnets, A-frame signs, feather flags, street signs, tents and more! Let us know how we can help your brand get more visibility with quality signage.