Coroplast Yard Signs, Custom Directional Signs, Displays & More

SignWay can custom design signage for any project, big or small. It’s perfect for churches, real estate professionals, politicians, schools or municipalities, fundraising, communities and HOAs, medical centers, gift giving and anything you can imagine a need for signage for.

We can create it, design it, build it, print it and even install it. Contact SignWay for more information.


Coroplast Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs & Displays

Coroplast is our most popular and versatile product which is great for sturdy yard signs for all types of purposes and needs. Real estate professionals, school fundraising (alumni, sports, grads), politician yard signs and so much more – the possibilities are endless! Check out what you can do with it!  Learn more about coroplast and the benefits here.

Event Banners for Festivals, Tradeshows, Churches and More

Large Format Banners are more than just advertisement for sponsors: they make a giant statement like nothing else. Our large format banners have graced the stages of popular music, tradeshows, conventions and mega churches. And we don’t stop there. Large format banners are perfect for car dealerships, hiring drives and much more. Click here to take a look.


Be sure your message is clear with dimensional lettering, directional signs and more.

Directional Signs for Church, Medical Center & Communities

Directional signage have so many uses and can be used anywhere that folks need some sort of sign pointing them in the correct direction. It could be something as simple as which way to the restroom, which way to your numbered seat at the ballpark, where to park, which way to the elevator and etc. Making it easier for your guests to find you, or how to get to you, the better. Directional signage is perfect for court buildings, municipalities, medical centers, high rise office buildings, small office buildings, community centers, neighborhood developments, churches and more.

Be sure your message is clear with dimensional lettering, directional signs and more.

CT Church of Houston

Custom designed directional signs for throughout the church interior and even the exterior. PVC dimensional letters for handicap ramp entrances, restroom signage and more. This church received a total makeover which provides all visitors and church-goers ease for navigation and fun signage throughout.!

Dominion Church – Children’s Wing

Speaking of fun, this church added tons of color with brightly printed PVC wall art displays which is just a tip of the iceberg as Dominion Church is undergoing new building construction phases.

Mercy Gate Church of Mont Belviue

Huge project with massive amounts, we are talking miles and miles, of dimensional lettering as well as directional signs for ease of navigation, door signage and frosted vinyl for interior doors and glass walls for privacy and classy glass. We created custom designed PVC displays and graphics as well which put Mercy Gate Church in Mont Belviue at the top of our list of most challenging projects yet ever so rewarding by creating such a visually appealing display. Click here to see more.

Oasis Church Lobby Display

Church core values becomes main focal point in Oasis’ church lobby in a multi-dimensional project. We used PVC lettering, standoffs for a float effect and Gatorboard for lettering to keep it lightweight and versatile. See more of this sleek design here.  

South Shore Harbour Subdivision

The entrance to your community can make or break the first impression. Be sure your entrance speaks for the community. We recreated this South Shore Harbour sign to attach to the brick entryway.  This sign was printed from MaxMetal and elevated lettering which replaced their crumbling old signage. See the transformation here.