As you know, we are in the midst of a challenging, difficult time, the likes of which many of us have never seen before. Over the past month to two, there have been countless cancellations of celebrations that were intended to be happy and exciting: graduation, Easter picnics, Easter church services, spring musicals, prom, mother’s day just to name a few. And those are just the big celebrations and holidays. Life has essentially been put on hold as far as work, school and etc.  So, while we are no longer able to enjoy group settings, you can still mark those celebrations in a public way!

Honor your seniors – with a year to remember

These coroplast signs, designed specifically for 2020 graduating seniors are going to be the perfect way to share your excitement with their graduation. For them, this is pride in graduating and moving on to the next adventure in their academic life.  Plus, we all want to be sure that we all pay tribute to it properly, right? These signs offer you both. Personalized to your school and logos, these “class of 2020” signs share the pride and excitement of graduation and combine it with a little fun. Sure, being in quarantine isn’t fun for anyone but one more way that you won’t ever forget this year, for so many reasons. Humorous but still respectful of this exciting milestone, it’s a great way to give your neighbors a laugh and shout your success to the neighborhood.

Put your creativity to the test

Allow kids and adults to get in on the hard job of coloring their own yard signs. You can decorate Easter eggs, birthday signs and other yard signs with your own color choices. Not only does it give everyone something to do, but these personalized and bright signs will also be able to do their part to pick up spirits to those around you as well.

Whatever holiday or party comes up between now and the end of quarantine, you’ll be able to find the right sign to celebrate it in a physical distancing style.

Quarantine doesn’t mean a complete celebration shut down

Even though it’s scary and sad to have to cancel your graduation or any kind of party or get-together, you can still celebrate through the use of signage. These durable coroplast signs will decorate your yard and help you enjoy a party of your own. Neighbors can celebrate with you and maybe your friends and family can even drive by for one of those exciting “drive-by parties” you’ve been seeing in the news, or maybe participated in one of your own!  Rock on!

The importance of continuing on

It’s understandable if you don’t feel like celebrating right now. But, staying on top of your mental health means that you have to keep on with the keeping on in life. Celebrate those milestones, decorate your yard, enjoy time with loved ones. You deserve to celebrate those milestones and enjoy the happiness that they bring even if you can’t have a party or big dinner that had been originally planned.

Do your part for the communityDo your customers know you offer take out services

If you are business, you can also use your yard as a pick-up and drop off place for clients and customers. What better way to advertise your home or business for that service than an easily spotted, durable yard sign? It’s our job to help our community recover even as we all keep our distance.

Times are tough, but even in the deepest and darkest of times, there is always light. Bring light to those around you with the properly-themed yard sign. We can all get this through this if we just stick together.

We have so many different signs or options to add a little color and light to your life and yard. Contact SignWay with any questions or for some design options if you don’t see one on our website. There is a lot of information so just reach out