Looking for ways to raise money for your school or organization in a way that creates a personalized product for your community?

Tired of door knocking and hitting up relatives to buy candles and wrapping paper?

Want a new way to fund raise that is safe and secure for those doing the fundraising?

What about fundraising via promotional products for the person buying the products – so it’s a win-win.  The organization wins by having a product that promotes its organization and also earns money while the consumers get a product that they select that is all about them (personalized promotional product). Talk about a perfect package!

Look no further.

Signway has created a way to help organizations, non-profit, schools and etc to have personalized products for their consumers and maintain a means to help fund raise for that organization at the same time. It’s so perfect, it’s crazy. Check out a few of our samples, on this page, and some of the schools that have already started making money.

Signway’s commitment

We know you’ll love this effortless and say means in fundraising for your organization. We take PRIDE in our custom design work and design of your promotional products.

Signway does all the setup and all of the graphic design work using your colors, logo and mascot, depending upon the products you wish to offer.

Signway creates a graphic ad banner for your website home page or header which, when clicked, links them to Signway’s website where they place their order.  We can even provide you with social media graphics/posts to help create a buzz for your organization and consumers.

Your organization’s commitmentSchool seniors class of metal surface magnets fundraiser

  • Minimal financial setup cost
    • This is a lifetime license and allows for up to 3 standard designs + 3 customizable options for 6 total designs.
  • Want more? You can get more, IF you want which increases your profit as well.
    • You have the option to increase your profits by adding 5 more designs (school examples: sports and other groups like football, baseball, cheer, band, etc)
  • Pick up every 2 weeks AND collect your check!
    • We take all orders in, process, design and have ready for you to pick up (or pay additional for shipping) along with your donation check every two weeks.
  • Post on social media with a link to order, share and sit back and earn money!

The best part – you don’t have to collect money, you have no deadlines or much fuss to deal with but you can reap the rewards year round, month after month, year after year. How great is that?

How it works for the consumers

The consumer just orders our website, via your link on your website, with their payment being processed online. We handle everything else – production, fees, taxes, etc.

They will pick up the orders from you.

We do all the work and set up the standard (non-personalized) and custom (personalized) products and signage for your consumers to order directly online.

School custom signage fundraiser variety pack

They can get (examples):

See this already in the works

We have already done this with several other local organizations, schools and the like, so all you have to do is mirror that, give your consumers their personalized products and you just sit back and reap the rewards. Here is one example of how Alvin High School is making money with 2020 signage for their grads, special sports yard signs for their tennis, football, volleyball and baseball teams and various other custom promotional products.

Contact us at Signway to get started on some personalized promotional products for your school, non-profit, organization and get to raising some funds right away and for months to come.