Signs are just about everywhere you go in life.. literally and figuratively.  They’re used for advertising, announcing events and simply notifying where a business is located and what’s going on.  You’ve seen so many of them that perhaps getting one for your establishment — be it a business, non-profit or church — is something that you may be considering.  There’s a reason that you see yard signs everywhere…because they work! Here are some yard sign benefits you’re going to want to consider when it comes to getting the word out there.

Benefits of yard signs for your business

They’re durable and weather-resistantCustom coroplast realtor real estate for sale signs

First on the list of benefits is the fact that these yard signs are very durable.  Their colors are long-lasting and they’ll be resistant to damage from high winds, downpours and other natural elements that can send yard signs flying. Made from coroplast, they’ll stay firmly in place and look great much longer than any other kind of signage you’re considering. (By the way, we can make other types of signage too.)

Lawn signs are cost-effective

Yard signs are also really great for the budget which can be helpful especially when you are looking at using them for a non-profit or church.  They are efficient to produce and you can use a few to make a huge impact when it comes to their placement on your property or around the city. When you need to get the word out about an event, this is the way to do it! Plus, when you are looking at mass quantity, you will want the price lower so it is more affordable to put out more signs for one low cost.

People actually read yard signs

It seems obvious, but it’s legitimate. After all, you notice the yard signs around the city and know what businesses or charities they’re advertising. This means that you read them, even if you aren’t doing it knowingly.  This is all the same for everyone else waiting at red lights, sitting in traffic or enjoying an ice cream on a bench on a summer’s day.

They’re eco-friendly

A little-known fact about coroplast signs is that they are eco-friendly. They can be recycled when you’re done with them and this makes them great when you want to make sure that you really put your energy into using sustainable options even for advertising.  It’s also a great perk just to have for yourself to enjoy as the person in charge of advertising.

They encourage local support

Lastly, putting up signs is going to help encourage the local community to come out and support you. With the popularity of the internet, you hear a lot about overseas sourcing or crowdfunding, but there’s still an important place to good, old-fashioned local support. (Hey, we are a local small business too!)  You’ll encourage the masses to come in and give you their attention, and you’ll make sure that the masses actually, you know, are familiar with your event in the first place. Social media does wonders, but it’s no replacement for signage.. but a great addition.

These are just some of the many benefits that you can get from going with quality-made coroplast yard signs for your business, non-profit or church.  If you’re ready to harness them for yourself, reach out to SignWay or call (281) 990-5478 and see how we can help you out with your advertising expectations. Or feel free to work on a custom yard sign order of your own.