Teaching proper work ethic to the children in your school is about more than just homework and assignments.  Creating teamwork through the medium of fundraising is an important aspect of modern-day school activities.  You’ve probably seen the different kinds of fundraising done before such as selling candy, gift wrap, candles, selling coupon cards or maybe even the bake sale. Not only are these fundraising ideas overdone (and maybe a little ineffective), they can also be dangerous. Which in turn usually turns the fundraising to the parents of the students – not quite the goal from the onset, was it? But let’s talk about those dangers.

The danger to students in school fundraisingDangers of fundraising door to door, try this alternate method

The issue of safety should always be a priority in schools and organizations using fundraising as a means to raise money for the school, band, sports team, church or other organization. And while many don’t tend to consider the point that traditional fundraising puts kids (young and teens) out on the streets knocking on doors to sell their products and special treats.  As noted above, parents get looped into the fundraising campaign via supervising their kids selling door to door or by requiring them to take the sales to their friends and coworkers.  As more and more parents are working longer hours, it means that there is not as much time on the streets knocking on doors and thus less product is sold.

Much the same can be said about bake sales or car washes or any of the other traditional ideas that schools have used.  Children have a higher propensity to be hurt by tripping on a hose, getting soap in their eye, hit by a car while waving signs on the corner of the gas station car wash or walking door to door.  Again, parents are the key part of these fundraising events in order to avoid injury as well, which can limit their effectiveness.

All in all, the traditional fundraising options leave too much room for injury — not to mention unhealthy competition between classmates — as well as stress on parents, teachers and other leaders who find themselves having to lead, plan, coordinate schedules and volunteers, more parents to help out and monitor efforts.  Why not do it better?

A safer and better fundraising conceptSchool custom signage fundraiser variety pack

Throw everything you know about fundraising out the window and bring in something that is both newer and better.  We are proud to be able to offer up a wide selection of personalized products that can be printed in full color with a school name, a mascot, a logo, a school band, a sports team, an organization’s theme and more.  These gifts are great for families to purchase for their children as something special, and a lot of members of the extended family will love the idea of personalized gifts for their little one’s school, too.

You can choose from all sorts of modern personalized gifts, including phone sockets, car magnets, coroplast yard signs and more.  Personalized for graduates as well as different teams and events, there can be something for everyone with this kind of fundraising technique. Check out one of the examples – Alvin High School – and how they brought in sports, their graduates, band, choir and then utilized not just the yard signs but also vehicle magnets, decals and phone sockets. If you can think it, we can create it and print it.

SignWay is your resource to house both the products AND the ordering process. We just deliver to you the products and your check and you reap the benefits, as well as your students and parents, safely. You can have a banner on your website, create posts for your Facebook or social media for the students and parents to share. This makes it accessible by loved ones near and far and it will be an effective way to raise money for a school without putting anyone at risk, stress or extra effort. That means all of the rewards with so much less of the work.

The world has so quickly moved into the modern way of doing things across all sorts of other platforms in school systems.  Gone are the blackboards and dusty books.  Now everything is digital like computers and eReaders.  Since every part of the school system has progressed into the modern day of living — and successfully so — why should the fundraising school techniques be that much different?

Contact SignWay at (281) 990-5478 to discuss how your school, church, recreation center, community, non-profit, travel or club sports team, business and just about any organization can benefit from this type of fundraising means.