You work hard to promote your business, be it a church, an apartment building, an office, community (apt for lease) or a shop.  You’re already putting in a lot of effort to care for your business, so why not add value to your advertising and marketing with a banner?  It’s one of the most effective ways to advertise and it can give you a lot of benefits that you might not be aware of.  Let’s take a look.  When it comes to practicality and usability, a banner can be all of these things.

The benefits of banners for your biz


A banner is much different from the classic hand-written permanent market signs on cardboard signs that you may have seen elsewhere.  A banner comes in either vinyl or mesh and it great to get your message out, give your more visibility in hopes to be top of mind more often.  It will be memorable and make an impact on your customer as far as its professional appeal.  We can create a banner with you logo and your message in a clear and understandable way.  Depending upon the size of the banner you need, this will help to determine the amount of text and the size of your text. This will enable you to essentially communicate information in a way that people can actually remember.

Durable and reusableBanners share your events, your business - get a personalized banner

Our banners are durable. We only use the best products to create quality banners that will last in the Texas climate and beyond.  Our banners are made from vinyl or mesh, which is designed to withstand extreme weather and any weather-related abuse. It can be up for as long as you want it to be and know that it is going to look great from beginning to end.  No ink to run or material to tear.  Your banner can be prepared with air slits built in to keep them from tearing in the wind and come with grommets that will protect the integrity of your sign as well. If you want to use your banner time and time again, no problem, because it is also easy to store and reuse. You just take it down and roll it up and then tuck it away somewhere safe. Then, when ready to use again, just unroll it and put it back up for your advertising, when needed.

Cost-effective and impressive

Making a banner is relatively inexpensive when compared to other advertising and marketing options.  Simply going with the right creator to give you the professional feel and efficient pricing to match it.  You’ll quickly realize that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg in order to get an impressive sign.

As well, a banner is going to also be impressive in its simplicity.  With the right colors, the right font and the right message — in combination with the right organization on the banner itself — it gets the message out.  We strongly discourage long phrases or complicated, over-crowded signs because they are hard to read and won’t get your message across quickly and efficiently.  Simple, sweet, professional and focused.

Helpful at getting you customers

A banner is going to help you get customers interested. It puts more eyes on your banner, when placed properly, which in turn gets more eyes and interest in your business.  Whether it’s advertising about a fundraiser, a sale or discount, or even an exciting detail to announce to the public, there’s no end of ways to get a banner saying what you need it to say, and to whom.  A banner is going to be the best way to get customers and keep them interested enough to come and check you out.

Who says banners may not be as popular as traditional signs? Because they can offer a lot of perks and benefits that go beyond a simple sign for getting the word out.  Whatever your motivation is, a banner can help! Let SignWay help create a sign or banner that fits your business needs. Whether you are participating in a fundraiser or event, offering delivery service for your restaurant, having a holiday event at your church or school, a banner is great and we can help get it done!  Contact SignWay at (281) 990-5478.